As you may know there is a strong community making lace business.

The E-Shop is an open market for tools, pillows, thread, prickings, lace, bobbins, books, and other items.

This chapter brings to you a list of Shops, from where you can buy direct, getting better prices.

BLEN is not selling any product.

What we do is just to tell you where are the Shops and what they sell.

The purchase is between you and the Shop.
For the First Time you can shop in Camariñas-Spain, Rauma-Finland, Vila do Conde-Portugal, and in the Czech Republic, at the simple touch of your mouse.

Some of the Shops has got also an e-mail address, others are on the way to get connected.

If you face any problem getting in touch with them, drop us a line, and we will pass
your message to them.

Do you want to be part of our E-SHOP?
Do you have a catalogue of products?

Get in touch with us.