"A new thread for the Bobbin lace"

The bobbin lace European network is a new challenger for the European lace community.
BLEN is not like a classic website based on pages of information.

The concept behind BLEN is far beyond.

"As soon as information is acquired, it is very rapidly replaced by still newer information" This is both, a concept and a consequence of the use of the Information Technology in our daily life.

BLEN is very much focus in this concept.We are talking about networking the European lace community and about a quickly exchange of information.

Then when somebody ask us, what is BLEN, we use to say the Bobbin Lace European

Network, is a PORTAL of a very dynamic lace information system.
Is a network that represents a new thread for the bobbin lace as shown in our official poster.
Is an open network very easy to joint, in many languages and resources, because this is what Europe is about.

As you may know 4 Lace Museums had created this network with the support of the DG X, Raphael program.

However this network is not limited to the time of the European project.

Give a look to our index, if you want to joint, if you think we should co-operate, if you think we should change something, get in touch with us, we are always on line, because there is a new thread for the bobbin lace.

Looking to hear from you: